Tuesday, June 24, 2008


On the Border...

Celia Post-MakeoverIn the second episode of the fourth season, we see Nancy getting ready for her first assignment as a trafficker for Guillermo. And when she tells Andy to be near a cell phone in case she needs something, he replies, "A rape kit? I don't think they sell those at Ralph's." Well, at least Andy has her best interests at heart.
But seriously, when she meets up with Guillermo, he and his crew gift her with a Jesus bobblehead doll for her dashboard. And then he tells her to cross the border to get her taillight fixed at a mechanic shop with a horse head design. So much for GPS. Nancy miraculously finds the shop and finds out she's gonna learn nothing about where they're stashing the drugs she's supposedly trafficking.
As for where the plot is going, the episode had an answer for that too. Nowhere fast. As evidenced by Nancy's 2-hour wait in the line to return to the US. She waited and waited and all we got was a funny little scene with her peeing in a plastic cup in the backseat of her car. And oh yeah, she got in trouble for not bringing her passport. Um, genius. Well after all that trouble, she learned that this entire trip was just to see how she'd react to the border patrol. And yes, Jesus is watching. Especially since the bobblehead in her car was actually a video camera. Hah! Nancy got incredibly pissed to which Guillermo responded with a tasteless joke about how the men who helped cause 9-11 weren't flying in airplanes for the first time that day. If that isn't the most blatant attempt at foreshadowing, I don't know what is.
Meanwhile, back in what was left of Agrestic, Celia is still behind bars and now with a street-worthy makeover (see above picture), most likely from her cellmate, Cheetah. And according to her lawyer, she's "f--ked like a stray cat in Chinatown." No one seems to really care about her in prison including her daughter, Isabel. That is until Mr. DEA Agent turns up with a picture of Nancy and Guillermo. Looks like someone's starting to believe in Celia's innocence.
And may I say, the inclusion of Albert Brooks as Judah and Andy's dad is a pure stroke of brilliance. His addiction to betting on horses, his open hatred of Andy and his ridiculous habit of not remembering people's names [Andy is not-Judah!]is hilarious. It's clear that all the tension in the beach house is going to come to a head at some point this season, but for now, seeing Andy seeth and tell Shane he's better off without a dad is both amusing and sad. Oh, and then there's Bubbi, who gets off the ventilator long enough to say, "Kill me," in Yiddish. Next week's previews show us she just might get her wish with Nancy playing the role of Dr. Kavorkian.

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