Sunday, April 30, 2006


Encore, Encore...for ABC

For all you iTunes fanatics, come May 1st, you can save your money if you miss an episode of LOST. Instead, head on over to, and download encore episodes for free! In fact, four of the alphabet net's most popular shows, including Desperate Housewives, will be available for your viewing pleasure just by clicking on this link.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


My Celebrity Home

Be sure to check out tonight's premiere of a show I worked on called My Celebrity Home. It airs at 9 p.m. on the Style Network. (Come on, there aren't even new episodes of LOST or Veronica Mars on to grab your attention tonight!)
What's the show about? Well, essentially it's Cribs meets Trading Spaces. And what a coincidence, Paige Davis shows up tonight for our first episode. For more info on the show, click here. And once it airs, let me know what you think...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Bright, you've done a bad, bad thing. You were progressing, becoming a better human being, and now this. Having sex with someone other than your girlfriend? Not cool. (Even if she was into three-ways on Nip/Tuck!) And not telling our beloved, fragile Hannah about it? That just makes you a coward. Enough with my rant, though. This episode of Everwood was actually pretty good. Andy and Ephram had frank, open discussions about the future. And Ephram finally showed signs of moving forward, instead of "circling the airport". And while I'm happy that he decided that a career in music education was right for him, I can't help but be a little sad about Ephram's unwillingness to go the distance and showcase his immense talents.
As for Nina and Jake, their relationship seems to be doomed. Jake's new support group obsession is just replacing his drug addiction, and Nina is finally getting wise to it. While I feel bad for her, I would definitely not feel bad about Jake moving on and out of Everwood.

Monday, April 24, 2006


National TV-Turnoff Week!

Breathe. Just breathe. Yes, folks, there are crazy people in this world who seek to destroy our way of life! The people over at National TV-Turnoff Week have decided to ignore one of the most precious members of every family for an entire week. Sacrilege! I say we stick it to them! Watch more TV than ever my lovely readers. Watch anything and everything you can. I even hear there's a show called LOST that some claim to enjoy...


The Neptune Navigator

OK, I know I'm getting very Veronica-centric these days, but this was just too good to not share. I just found this link for Neptune High's newspaper, The Neptune Navigator. Anyone who watches the show knows that our little Ronnie is very involved with the paper, and she doesn't disappoint this week with a recipe for her famous snickerdoodles. But, my favorite part has got to be the advice column from our favorite celebrity offspring, Logan Echolls.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


No Mars this Week...

Apparently my letter to UPN meant nothing. If you live in the NY metro area, you can kiss a new Veronica Mars episode goodbye this week. As UPN 9 makes the transition into one of Fox's My Network TV stations, it has apparently decided to disregard VM since it will not be one of its show properties next year. The show, which normally airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. will be preempted for a Nets game. There will be no airing on Wednesday because of an America's Next Top Model clip show. So, when can you catch this week's Veronica Mars? Next week- Sunday, April 30th at 7 p.m. to be exact. Brilliant.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Arrested Development: Revenge of the Bluths?

Check out this link to some great AD artwork in the vein of Star Wars. We all know George Michael "used the Force". Too bad it didn't save the show from bad ratings and cancellation...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Is Libby leaving Lost?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Cynthia Watros has been cast in a CBS pilot titled My Ex-Life. The comedy project also stars Tom Cavanagh and centers around Cavanagh and Watro's characters, who play a divorced couple sharing custody. Watros is currently cast as a guest star because of her commitment to LOST. However, I hear that this guest role is definitely a meaty one that could turn into more if Watro's Libby gets killed by The Others.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Veronica Mars Frustration

Dear UPN:
Tonight is Tuesday, but I will not be watching Veronica Mars on its new night. Why, you ask? Well, it appears you are preempting my beloved TV obsession with a basketball game. And you preempted last week's episode in LA. Now, I ask you, my darling little netlet, how do you expect to get accurate VM ratings if you are not airing first-run episodes at their specified times in the number 1 (NY) and 2 (LA) markets in the country? This is hardly giving the show a chance! In other words...never mind the sports and give me "Never Mind the Buttocks"!


A Concerned VM Fanatic


Prison Break Deals with some High Stakes

The plot thickens in this Monday's episode of Prison Break as Michael Scofield tries to make Haywire remember the missing part of his tattoo. After Michael removed his pysch ward uniform in the supply room (twice!), Haywire began to put together the missing plans. (Seriouly though, how crappy is psych ward security?)
Back in the regular prison, Geary decides to auction off Michael's cell once he finds out it's empty. T-bag realizes the cell is essential for the escape, and comes up with a plan involving a poker game to buy the cell back. T-bag convinces C-Note to be his accomplice in the kitchen gang's poker game, and we learn that he's as good as Lost's Sawyer when it comes to tossing out the one-liners (Million Con March, ha!).
Once C-Note wins the money in the poker game, he hands it over to Geary, who screws him over by taking his money and keeping the room. But, with the help of Sucre's cousin, Manche (Slim, according to T-bag) the cons get the last laugh by getting the C.O. fired.
On the outside, we learn Nick Potter is not all he seems. He's not just working with Veronica, and in fact, he might be working for someone who's out to get the Vice President.
And if that's not enough, LJ's shooting incident last week has him in hot water. He could be tried for attempted murder as an adult. Lincoln asks Veronica to get a judge to allow him to visit his son, and despite the odds against it, he gets the grant.
In the last moments of the episode, Linc is riding out to see LJ and his van gets hit by an oncoming truck. Somebody smell conspiracy?
And, holy crap, does next week's ep look look insane! Linc escapes, Pope's got some 'splainin' to do, Abruzzi's back and, oh yeah, Sara and Michael swap spit!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Alias...Counting Down the Minutes!!!

The wait is nearly over! Alias, Season Five, resumes this Wednesday, April 19th at 8 p.m. after an insanely long maternity leave. And how excited am I? More excited than Saved By the Bell's Jessie Spano on caffeine pills, people! That's right, I am unbelievably, freak-tastically ecstatic! I've been dreaming of Rembaldi, SpyMommy and of course the CIA agent formerly known as Michael Vaughn. And to get you as pumped as I am, here's a series of treats I found while perusing the web:

Sydney and Vaughn: Only Hope

Jack and Irina!

And for some comedy (warning: this contains elements that should not be viewed at work)

Alias: The Lost Episode

Friday, April 14, 2006


One Degree of J.J.

Turns out that if you ever worked for J.J. Abrams, there's a good chance you'll work with him again. The uber-producer has cast and recast several of his loyal actors on various projects, including Alias and his feature, Mission Impossible: 3. Well add Amy Jo Johnson to the list! The petite actress, who co-starred in J.J.'s first TV project, Felicity, will appear in the pilot of Abrams' new show, What About Brian? If you haven't seen a commercial for the show, check it out here. (Amy Jo's the one who yells, "I'm getting a restraining order!" to Brian.) Don't forget to catch her full performance in a preview airing this Sunday, April 16th at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Mars attacks!

I am obsessed. Actually, obsession doesn't even come close to describing my love for all things Veronica Mars. There needs to be a new word to describe it, like, kurfuffle. I am kurfuffled with Veronica Mars. I see a canary-colored Jeep on the Parkway, and I think I'm gonna see Logan in the driver's seat. I see an ordinary school bus on the road, and I think, "Oh, those poor kids who died in the crash." And yes, I will hate myself in the morning for writing this, but I have been humming the words to "Sway". But as I scoured fan sites in search of clues to solve this season's major mystery, I was comforted by the fact that I was not alone in my kurfufflion. Here are some goodies I discovered:

A Interview with Enrico Colantoni

Next Week's Episode Info


Karma, baby!

OK, so my latest guilty pleasure is 8th and Ocean. And if anyone's been watching, (and I know you have!) you've seen some of the ugliness of modeling. And I'm not just talking about Sabrina's crater face! Ouch sorry...but at least Sabrina gets the last laugh. In this week's episode, she books a huge shoot for Laundry, while her twin, Kelly, gets comfortable on the sidelines. How priceless was Kelly's face after she realized only her sister booked the shoot? At least Sabrina didn't go as low as her twin as to say, "We're not the same. Get it straight." Looks like karma's a bitch, Kels.

To catch better times for both the girls, check out this old (pre-8th and Ocean) commercial the two did for Acuvue contacts:

Acuvue Advance Commercial


Scrubs: The Meta Trend...

I love me some Scrubs, but what is with its recent affinity for referencing other shows? Case in point: this week's ep included a shoutout for another medical drama, House. And last week, we learned that Turk and J.D. watched Gilmore Girls even though J.D. was "so mad at Lorelei right now". And the week before that included yet another reference to the popular medical drama, Grey's Anatomy. J.D. said, "It's like they took our lives and put it on TV." Now, I'm all for the occasional reference, but Scrubs is about an imaginary place where hospitals can actually be fun. All the mentions of other shows only makes me realize that we live in the same world (and have the same taste in shows). Enough posturing on my part. Tell me what you think. Does J.D. need to stick to treating patients without describing his love for E.R.'s Neela and Ray? Or do Turk and Jordan need to break out into a duet of the Drew Carey theme song, "Cleveland Rocks"?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Change is Crazy!

Change- it’s a good thing. At least, that’s what Martha Stewart would tell Hurley. The big man tried to deny his affinity for one the seven deadly sins on this week’s LOST. No, not lust…although that look on his face when Libby pulled on his mutton chops was enough to make me shout, “Ewww!” at my TV.
Nope, in this episode we learn the lasagna-lovin’ Hugo could beat Tracey Gold for a gold medal in a weight issues competition. His gluttony apparently killed 2 people on a boat deck that broke when he stepped onto and broke it. The guilt over their deaths made him spiral into a catatonic state and thus, enter a pysch ward.
And let’s not forget the other side effect of guilt: Dave, Hurley’s own personal Harvey the Rabbit. Dave (played by Sex and the City’s Evan Handler), adorned in a bathrobe and slippers, encourages Hurley to stay the same and keep eating what he wants at the psych ward.
But Hugo wants to change! He starts taking drugs to calm his anxiety at the psych ward, and Dave disappears. But, after seeing enough Dharma Initiative food on the island to last him a lifetime, Hurley starts to see Dave again. Damn that irresistible mayonnaise!!!
Dave tells Hurley to keep sucking down all those Goldfish crackers because change is impossible. And in a dig at fans who said the show was all someone’s dream, Dave tells Hurley that the island, the numbers, and even Libby, are all hallucinations. No!!!!!Say it isn’t so!!!
But alas, Dave is not only imaginary, but also a liar. (And so is Libby, who apparently did a stint at the same psych ward as Hurley.)

Conclusions: The island is real, Libby does like Hurley and Sawyer is HOT! (Yes, it’s been proven.)

Friday, April 07, 2006


Whoopie for L&O

Oscar winner Whoopie Goldberg is moving over to the small screen for a multiple-episode stint on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The comedian will dust off her dramatic chops to play a mean foster mom. Her character, who is meant to be a nemesis of Chris Noth's Detective Logan, will first appear in a May episode.


E.T., Phone...a 1-800 number!

What's better than an American Idol- style competition for aspiring filmmakers? How about having Steven Spielberg attached? The new Fox show, On the Lot, does just that. Taking a page from HBO's Project Greenlight, the program will showcase short films by teams of amateur filmmakers each week. The film director with the least votes will be kicked off. Who's ready for another Kelly Clarkson musical?

Thursday, April 06, 2006


A More Bleary-Eyed View

Finally giving credence to all the rumors, Meredith Viera admitted she'll be waking up a lot earlier come September! The current View co-host announced today that she will be replacing Katie Couric as an anchor for the Today show. Viera was chosen over internal candidates, including newsreader Ann Curry and Weekend Today anchor Campbell Brown. Personally, I think Meredith will be a great replacement. She was always the sanest part of The View and who doesn't look forward to Star-free mornings!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Life after Arrested

Still smarting from the recent demise of Arrested Development? Well, at least you can still see your favorite Bluths in action this weekend. Here's a roundup of when and where you can catch Jason Bateman and the rest of the gang before they were so dysfunctional:

Jason BatemanHogan FamilyWeekdays12-1 p.m.ABC Family
Jessica WalterP.C.U.Sunday, April 9, 20061 p.m.HBO
Jeffrey TamborTeaching Mrs. TingleSunday, April 9, 20064:30 p.m.Showtime
David CrossScary Movie 2Sunday, April 9, 20062 p.m./ reair at 8 p.m.Comedy Central
Michael Cera/ Alia ShawkatVeronica Mars:The Rapes of GraffSaturday, April 8, 20069 p.m.UPN


Food Network Lineup

The Food Network is offering up a menu of new programming this year, with several original series. The first show to premiere is Two for the Road. The show stars Paula Dean's sons, Bobby and Jamie (pictured to the right), who will go on a cross-country adventure to find the best local foods and family-run businesses. The show will make its debut on June 27th at 10 p.m. Other shows in the upcoming lineup include Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and Nigella Lawson's first Food Network show, Nigella Feasts.

Monday, April 03, 2006


For the Seafood Lover in You!

Seafood restaurant, Red Lobster, is clawing its way back into the public spotlight. First it was mentioned as the imaginary-date location of choice for Project Runway's Tim Gunn and Andre. Now it's surfacing as yet another date location for Prison Break's Captain Bellick. Too bad he struck out when he asked Dr. Sara Tancredi if she'd like to join him for a little jumbo shrimp. Hmmm...maybe he shouldn't have mentioned the gift certificate?

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