Friday, March 31, 2006


Add another Spybaby to the Mix!

Alias actor Kevin Weisman and his wife just had their first child. Their daughter, named Maya Rose, was born early this morning in Los Angeles. Weisman plays the tech-savvy Marshall Flinkman on the ABC spy drama which stars Jennifer Garner. Congrats to Kevin and his wife!


Veronica Mars vs. Gilmore Girls

Is there a shortage of names for guys on TV? First it was the battle of the Logans, and it the duel of the Deans? Allow me to introduce the contenders: Gilmore Girls' Dean Forrester has the honor of being Rory's first boyfriend. And in this week's episode of Veronica Mars, we were introduced to a new Dean- Hearst University's funniest student tour guide. (The character, played by Arrested Development's Michael Cera, could become a recurring character next season.) So, do you have a hankering for the original or do you think the new Dean is an improvement?


Lost Legend

Tivo this, Losties! In this Wednesday's episode (3.29.06) Locke caught a glimpse of a map. And that folks is where the speculation begins: Who made the map? What do all the mathematical equations mean? Why is there a question mark in the center? And finally, why are we driving ourselves crazy with this show? Just kidding. In case you're interested in one interpretation, check out Entertainment Weekly's attempt at uncovering the map's secrets:

Map Decoder

Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's Getting Hotter in The O.C.

Quit your whining, Marissa! It's time to crank up the excitement in the last 10 episodes of The O.C. this season. The show's creator, Josh Schwartz, recently chatted with the Associated Press (AP), and here's the scoop:

"We're in the home stretch, like the last 10 episodes of the season when the show always kicks it up a notch. I think it's going to resemble those first six episodes of the (first) summer. It's got that kind of vibe to it, kinda crazy, anything goes. We have a lot of returning faces. The kids are getting into colleges, the Cohen family life is about to explode, it's going to be pretty cool. It's all going to get very emotional, very explosive and really fun."

Schwartz also believes the show has at least one more year's worth of good material. In fact, he told AP, "The season finale is going to be the craziest thing we've ever done and it will launch the show in a whole new direction next year."


Music Lovers

Veronica Mars never ceases to amaze me with its plot twists, funny lines, and of course music choice. But was anyone else intensely put-off by Tegan and Sara's "I Know, I Know, I Know" during Logan and Hannah's, um, attempt at love-making? Urgh, it was a aurally jarring as if Alias' Sydney and Vaughn had done it to Nelly's "Hot in Herre". Logan seems so much more of a "Let's Get It On" or "Work It Out" kinda guy. Alright, so I'm sure you've got some opinions of your own, so hop to it. Let me know if you think I'm crazy, or if I deserve a Grammy for best listening. And while you're at it, what other couples have the best (and worst) background tunes while they consumate their love?

My Vote for Best: Friends/ Ross and Rachel to Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game"

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Sharing is Caring

Finally, screwball comedy, Scrubs, is available on iTunes! The hospital sitcom marks the first time a joint venture show has debuted for purchase ($1.99/episode). Scrubs, which airs on NBC, is produced by Touchstone Television, a Disney-ABC owned company. The networks' agreement to share profits from sales has given TV viewers the opportunity to enjoy J.D. and Turk's antics from this entire season. Anyone up for a game of "hide the saltine"?


Embrace the Loser Within

The ladies of daytime talk show, The View, are turning their losing streak into a promotional extravaganza. The eight-time losers of the Emmy for best talk show host are holding a "Watch the Ladies Lose" contest, in which three viewers will win the chance to watch the Emmys from Hollywood. In the month leading up to the awards show, the hosts will highlight the top 5 reasons they won't win. The Emmys will be held April 28th and televised on ABC. Interested in watching Star get denied live? Enter the contest with the link below, and let me know if you win!

Watch the Ladies Lose!


Space Case

Not to be confused with my favorite teen detective show, Veronica Mars, is a new detective show being set up at ABC called Life on Mars. The one-hour drama, which is based on the original BBC show, will be exec. produced by multiple Emmy winner, David E. Kelley. The pilot, which has been ordered for Fall of 2007, will be about a 21st century police detective who is transported back to 1973. Get ready for bell-bottoms and polyester suits!


Veronica Mars NOT Canceled!

Veronica says, "Lame!"

Contrary to a fake press release circulating across popular Veronica Mars message boards, the cult UPN hit is NOT canceled. The release's language, which included mention of fake TV shows and innaccurate episode counts was an ill-concealed attempt at angering rabid fans. (Nice try, buddy, but you don't need to be as smart as Veronica to know that the CW would never try to buy Mind of Mencia from Comedy Central!) VM watchers can have the best revenge by catching tonight's brand-new episode at 9 p.m. on UPN.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Prison Break's Term Extended for Another Season

Wentworth Miller stalkers rejoice! The star of Prison Break will return for Season 2. According to Variety, Fox just renewed the hit show, making fans of half-naked men and body tattoos drool for yet another day! Check out the article below for the renewal news and second season scoop:

Skein gets early 'Break'. By JOSEF ADALIAN

Fox is adding another year to "Prison Break's" sentence. Net has given an early sophomore-season renewal to the 20th Century Fox TV-produced suspense thriller, which returned to strong ratings last week after a four-month hiatus. Pickup follows earlier renewals for "American Idol," "Bones," "The Simpsons," "King of the Hill""King Of The Hill" and "Family Guy.".

"Prison Break" exec producer Matt Olmstead told Daily Variety that season two will focus on the escapees as they try to elude capture.

"Season two is basically 'Prison Break: Manhunt,' " Olmstead said. "It's constant pursuit. No one's safe. No one retires to their home in the country."

In addition to focusing on the search for the prisoners, skeinskein will explore the various backstories and agendas that connect them.

Skein will continue to shoot on location in Chicago for the first half of next season but will relocate -- most likely to the Southwest -- for the final nine segs."We want to keep a distinctive look for the show" rather than shoot it in Los Angeles, Olmstead said.

Most of the cast will return, though the bodies will pile up by May's season finale."In the last two episodes, three people bite it," he said. Among the casualties: one of the eight core prisoners.

While there's been talk that the concept of "Break" means the skein might last only two seasons at most, Olmstead is convinced it can last much longer."There's no cap on this show, as far as I'm concerned," he said. "As long as we find compelling stories for the characters, it can go on."

Ratings for "Break" certainly give Fox incentive to continue the skein.In its two Monday 8 p.m. airings this month, show has increased Fox's season-to-date ratings in the slot 57% among adults 18-49, averaging a 4.4/12. Skein's perf is even more boffo among adults 18-34, improving Fox's numbers by 81%.Numbers for "Break" are particularly impressive given the show's early timeslot and its status as one of Fox's few frosh not to get some sort of sampling from an "American Idol" lead-in.

Fox Entertainment prexyprexy Peter Liguori made "Break" the focus of his summer marketing strategy, bowing the skein in August to give it a head start on the fall rush. Paul Scheuring created "Break" and exec produces with Olmstead, Dawn Parouse, Marty Adelstein, Neal Moritz and Brett Ratner.


R.I.P. Arrested Development

Allow me to mourn the end of an era- albeit an era of illegal business practices, public drunkenness, and utter self-indulgence. But also an era of brilliance! I speak, of course, of the demise of Arrested Development. According to Variety, the show's creator, Mitch Hurwitz, says he will not continue with the show. This decision pretty much puts the final nail in an AD coffin that Showtime was willing to keep from burying as long as Mitch stayed for the prolonged funeral. Now guys, I mourn with you, but let's keep optimistic. If nothing else, this show was a great vehicle to get some excellent actors noticed. Where do you think the cast, from Jason Bateman to Jessica Walters should turn up next? (And yes, all you Veronica Mars fans, I know and am very excited about Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera's appearances on the next episode, which airs tomorrow- March 29th.)


Salute to My First Blog!

Hello All! I've decided to join the blogging bandwagon, and create a space for one of my first loves- TV. This blog will be dedicated to what I see on My TV- that includes fave shows, news updates and even a few sporting events. And with a little humor, excitement and yes, even pathos, I hope to envelope all of you into my TV fold...cue violins and warm embrace.

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