Saturday, September 30, 2006


Veronica Mars: Season 3 premiere!

Wanna watch the entire season 3 premiere episode of Veronica Mars? MSNBC is offering a sneak peek at all the snarky goodness in the halls of Hearst College right here. And if you have the patience to wait a couple of days, you can catch the show's CW premiere this Tuesday at 9 p.m. And just so you know, I'm wearing my over the moon face!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


CW Launch Party

The CW has officially arrived. The net held it's launch party last night in LA. Apparently, the theme of the night was cross-show bonding. Check out some pics below:

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Ugly Bettys at Fashion Week

ABC was ready and willing to pimp its new Thursday night series, Ugly Betty, at New York Fashion Week. They sent out a group of young women wearing glasses and ponchos just like the show's title character in the pilot. I smell a season trend!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Final Four on the Catwalk

New York Fashion Week: a time to look for news styles on runway, grab as many free goody bags as you can carry and of course, check out the collections of the final four contestants of Project Runway.

The final four presented their shows today, and I am bitterly disappointed. It's not that there weren't good pieces, but the stuff I liked were from my least favorite designers: Uli and the dreaded Jeffrey. Ugh.

Michael and Laura presented shows that built upon their best wins. Michael showcased an entire collection of Pam Greer-inspired crazines and Laura did up some black eyelet dresses a la last week's winning piece. Did I mention I was disappointed?

Uli kept true to herself and made dresses with enough printed material to make half of a wildlife conservation jealous. Meanwhile, Jeffrey shocked me because as much as I hate his designs up to now, I actually appreciated the rocker chic vibe that resonated throughout his show. Ugh, I hate myself for saying that. But you be the judge. Check out some of the clothes from the the PR catwalk below (designs from l to r; Jeffrey, Uli, Michael and Laura):

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Dwight Schrute's Voicemail

So, did you go out and buy a special edition copy of The Office Severence Package I mentioned earlier? If so, then you had the luck to get our favorite beet farmer's direct line at The Office. Wanna call Dwight (or at least his voicemail) to find out what he's been up to lately? Alright, alright, here's the number: 1-800-984-DMPC (3672).

Don't say I didn't do anything for you...


ABC Giving Away 1 Million iTunes Downloads!

ABC is offering one million downloads of the Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy season finales in an effort to encourage viewers to catch up before the new TV season begins. It is also offering unlimited downloads of special highlight shows for all of the three series. The download giveaway begins at midnight on September 14th (tomorrow).

For more info, click here.

In addition, ABC will be streaming Ugly Betty and Lost online beginning September 23rd. ABC's online initiative is it's biggest to date.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Daniel Franco: 3rd Time's the Charm?

This year's Project Runway candidates are revealing their collections in a couple of days at New York Fashion Week. But Runway veteran Daniel Franco beat them to the punch by finally putting out a collection of his own yesterday. His show, which was sponsored by Nikon, included mostly two-toned dresses. "As a designer it is imperative to appease your audience and produce cutting edge fashion," Daniel said in a press release. "My clothing line offers me a chance to express my fashionable designs which have been inspired by Nikon's COOLPIX Style Series Cameras."
Sounds like Daniel has turned over a new, business-oriented leaf. Check out pics from the show below.


Boone is Back!

Miss the smoldering good looks of your favorite guy who has sex with his sister? Then get ready for an island visit from the former heir to a wedding business himself, Boone! Ian Somerhalder just spent a week on the Lost set in Hawaii working on a Locke-centric episode. And before you say it's all just a dream, be forewarned that Boone doesn't appear in flashbacks. Apparently, it's all new stuff that leads Locke back to his old ways and redeems his faith. It's like I've always said: "Love the monster, and it shall not eateth you."

Monday, September 11, 2006


Dear John (or Jack if you prefer)...

There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING more volatile than an outraged TV fan. Entertainment Weekly discovered that when some of its readers wrote break-up letters to their former favorite shows. I laughed while reading almost all of them, but only to hide the tears. Cuz, dammit, they speak the truth! Here's my favorite letter, courtesy of a former Lostie:

Dear Lost,

It's not you, it's me. No, wait, it IS you. I cheated on you a few times last year by watching Veronica Mars first and keeping you on my DVR. But then I realized that Veronica was much more thrilling. She had guts. She gave up the info when needed but kept some aside to keep me watching. Best of all, Veronica Mars is smarter than me. I need the love and respect of intelligent people.

We had some good times, you and I, but shirtless Sawyer chopping wood can only keep me interested for so long. I'll miss Hurley, Michael, and Locke. Kate? Not so much.

So long, Lost — may the 18-to-34 crowd keep you going.

— Jerry

To check out the rest of the Dear John's, click here.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


The Office: Exclusive Box Set

Haven't had a chance to go and buy Season 2 of The Office on DVD yet? Well, I have good news. S1 and S2 will come packaged together exclusively at Best Buy this Tuesday, September 12th. Retailing for $42.99, The Office Severance Package Gift Set will include these fantastic fan extras:

Dunder-Mifflin notepad
Dunder-Mifflin pen and magnet
Dunder-Mifflin sticky notes
Dunder-Mifflin calendar

The sticky notes are just in case you need to write down what race you are on Diversity Day.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


By My Underestimation

By now, you've heard that Ben Whofleck might actually be able to act, especially considering the buzz surrounding his role in tomorrow's movie release, Hollywoodland. And it turns out Jessica Biel isn't just badgirl eyecandy as evidenced in her performance in The Illusionist. So, this got me thinking, who else can break through the paparazzi barriers and treacly primetime prisons to prove they've got the acting chops that Oscar dreams are made of? In other words, who are we underestimating?

If I were to make an intelligent guess (because let's be honest, I'm not gonna sit around watching crap to gauge moments of brilliance), I'd say keep an eye out for Sarah Ramos. She may be young, but with roles in American Dreams and the CW's upcoming Runaway, she's got a decent amount of experience under her belt. And while she tends to play annoying little sisters, she can still make you feel sympathy for her situation. And since I predict Runaway won't last past a few episodes, she'll be free to move onto juicier big screen roles that won't involve her hawking Campbell's Soup.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Kristin Bell Hawks Old Navy

I know this may be old news to some, but I completely forgot to mention it. If you happened to go to the movies recently, you might have seen a TV commercial for Old Navy starring Kristin Bell (if not, check it here). It's pretty disturbing all around so I'm glad I don't have to see it on TV. I love Kristin Bell's work, I do. But why did she think kissing an inanimate object named "Fash" would endear her to teenage America? And since when does she wear Old Navy?

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Lost Security

With all those highly-guarded secrets on Lost, I can understand how set security may not be high on the list. Well, it turns out some Hawaiian vacationers stumbled upon Lost locales that still had some props laying around. Those lucky bastards!

To see what they found, check out this slideshow.

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