Friday, September 15, 2006


Final Four on the Catwalk

New York Fashion Week: a time to look for news styles on runway, grab as many free goody bags as you can carry and of course, check out the collections of the final four contestants of Project Runway.

The final four presented their shows today, and I am bitterly disappointed. It's not that there weren't good pieces, but the stuff I liked were from my least favorite designers: Uli and the dreaded Jeffrey. Ugh.

Michael and Laura presented shows that built upon their best wins. Michael showcased an entire collection of Pam Greer-inspired crazines and Laura did up some black eyelet dresses a la last week's winning piece. Did I mention I was disappointed?

Uli kept true to herself and made dresses with enough printed material to make half of a wildlife conservation jealous. Meanwhile, Jeffrey shocked me because as much as I hate his designs up to now, I actually appreciated the rocker chic vibe that resonated throughout his show. Ugh, I hate myself for saying that. But you be the judge. Check out some of the clothes from the the PR catwalk below (designs from l to r; Jeffrey, Uli, Michael and Laura):

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