Tuesday, March 28, 2006


R.I.P. Arrested Development

Allow me to mourn the end of an era- albeit an era of illegal business practices, public drunkenness, and utter self-indulgence. But also an era of brilliance! I speak, of course, of the demise of Arrested Development. According to Variety, the show's creator, Mitch Hurwitz, says he will not continue with the show. This decision pretty much puts the final nail in an AD coffin that Showtime was willing to keep from burying as long as Mitch stayed for the prolonged funeral. Now guys, I mourn with you, but let's keep optimistic. If nothing else, this show was a great vehicle to get some excellent actors noticed. Where do you think the cast, from Jason Bateman to Jessica Walters should turn up next? (And yes, all you Veronica Mars fans, I know and am very excited about Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera's appearances on the next episode, which airs tomorrow- March 29th.)

Jessica Walters would be a great addition to Gilmore Girls. She should guest star as Emily's sister or cousin or something. They look so much alike anyways.
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