Sunday, April 09, 2006


Change is Crazy!

Change- it’s a good thing. At least, that’s what Martha Stewart would tell Hurley. The big man tried to deny his affinity for one the seven deadly sins on this week’s LOST. No, not lust…although that look on his face when Libby pulled on his mutton chops was enough to make me shout, “Ewww!” at my TV.
Nope, in this episode we learn the lasagna-lovin’ Hugo could beat Tracey Gold for a gold medal in a weight issues competition. His gluttony apparently killed 2 people on a boat deck that broke when he stepped onto and broke it. The guilt over their deaths made him spiral into a catatonic state and thus, enter a pysch ward.
And let’s not forget the other side effect of guilt: Dave, Hurley’s own personal Harvey the Rabbit. Dave (played by Sex and the City’s Evan Handler), adorned in a bathrobe and slippers, encourages Hurley to stay the same and keep eating what he wants at the psych ward.
But Hugo wants to change! He starts taking drugs to calm his anxiety at the psych ward, and Dave disappears. But, after seeing enough Dharma Initiative food on the island to last him a lifetime, Hurley starts to see Dave again. Damn that irresistible mayonnaise!!!
Dave tells Hurley to keep sucking down all those Goldfish crackers because change is impossible. And in a dig at fans who said the show was all someone’s dream, Dave tells Hurley that the island, the numbers, and even Libby, are all hallucinations. No!!!!!Say it isn’t so!!!
But alas, Dave is not only imaginary, but also a liar. (And so is Libby, who apparently did a stint at the same psych ward as Hurley.)

Conclusions: The island is real, Libby does like Hurley and Sawyer is HOT! (Yes, it’s been proven.)

sawyer is most definitely hot. i was so creeped out seeing libby at the end. more plot twists! i cant hold it all in my head!

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