Thursday, April 13, 2006


Karma, baby!

OK, so my latest guilty pleasure is 8th and Ocean. And if anyone's been watching, (and I know you have!) you've seen some of the ugliness of modeling. And I'm not just talking about Sabrina's crater face! Ouch sorry...but at least Sabrina gets the last laugh. In this week's episode, she books a huge shoot for Laundry, while her twin, Kelly, gets comfortable on the sidelines. How priceless was Kelly's face after she realized only her sister booked the shoot? At least Sabrina didn't go as low as her twin as to say, "We're not the same. Get it straight." Looks like karma's a bitch, Kels.

To catch better times for both the girls, check out this old (pre-8th and Ocean) commercial the two did for Acuvue contacts:

Acuvue Advance Commercial

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