Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Bright, you've done a bad, bad thing. You were progressing, becoming a better human being, and now this. Having sex with someone other than your girlfriend? Not cool. (Even if she was into three-ways on Nip/Tuck!) And not telling our beloved, fragile Hannah about it? That just makes you a coward. Enough with my rant, though. This episode of Everwood was actually pretty good. Andy and Ephram had frank, open discussions about the future. And Ephram finally showed signs of moving forward, instead of "circling the airport". And while I'm happy that he decided that a career in music education was right for him, I can't help but be a little sad about Ephram's unwillingness to go the distance and showcase his immense talents.
As for Nina and Jake, their relationship seems to be doomed. Jake's new support group obsession is just replacing his drug addiction, and Nina is finally getting wise to it. While I feel bad for her, I would definitely not feel bad about Jake moving on and out of Everwood.

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