Thursday, April 13, 2006


Scrubs: The Meta Trend...

I love me some Scrubs, but what is with its recent affinity for referencing other shows? Case in point: this week's ep included a shoutout for another medical drama, House. And last week, we learned that Turk and J.D. watched Gilmore Girls even though J.D. was "so mad at Lorelei right now". And the week before that included yet another reference to the popular medical drama, Grey's Anatomy. J.D. said, "It's like they took our lives and put it on TV." Now, I'm all for the occasional reference, but Scrubs is about an imaginary place where hospitals can actually be fun. All the mentions of other shows only makes me realize that we live in the same world (and have the same taste in shows). Enough posturing on my part. Tell me what you think. Does J.D. need to stick to treating patients without describing his love for E.R.'s Neela and Ray? Or do Turk and Jordan need to break out into a duet of the Drew Carey theme song, "Cleveland Rocks"?

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