Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Prison Break Deals with some High Stakes

The plot thickens in this Monday's episode of Prison Break as Michael Scofield tries to make Haywire remember the missing part of his tattoo. After Michael removed his pysch ward uniform in the supply room (twice!), Haywire began to put together the missing plans. (Seriouly though, how crappy is psych ward security?)
Back in the regular prison, Geary decides to auction off Michael's cell once he finds out it's empty. T-bag realizes the cell is essential for the escape, and comes up with a plan involving a poker game to buy the cell back. T-bag convinces C-Note to be his accomplice in the kitchen gang's poker game, and we learn that he's as good as Lost's Sawyer when it comes to tossing out the one-liners (Million Con March, ha!).
Once C-Note wins the money in the poker game, he hands it over to Geary, who screws him over by taking his money and keeping the room. But, with the help of Sucre's cousin, Manche (Slim, according to T-bag) the cons get the last laugh by getting the C.O. fired.
On the outside, we learn Nick Potter is not all he seems. He's not just working with Veronica, and in fact, he might be working for someone who's out to get the Vice President.
And if that's not enough, LJ's shooting incident last week has him in hot water. He could be tried for attempted murder as an adult. Lincoln asks Veronica to get a judge to allow him to visit his son, and despite the odds against it, he gets the grant.
In the last moments of the episode, Linc is riding out to see LJ and his van gets hit by an oncoming truck. Somebody smell conspiracy?
And, holy crap, does next week's ep look look insane! Linc escapes, Pope's got some 'splainin' to do, Abruzzi's back and, oh yeah, Sara and Michael swap spit!

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