Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Beaver Did It!

OK, so was Veronica Mars not just beyond fabulous last night? And Beaver? Beaver was the killer?! Beaver was the rapist?! Insane!!! And here I was feeling bad for the Beav. Alright, alright, let me backtrack. So, in one hour, V graduates, Weevil gets arrested, Mac almost gets some and yup, Beaver "My name is Cassidy" Casablancas pulls a pyscho 180 and drops a bomb (literally). He admits to getting molested by Woody "GoodWood" Goodman, causing the bus crash, giving Veronica chlamydia after raping her, and oh yeah, he blows up a plane. Holy s*@$! Beav, why couldn't you just leave the murdering to Wally? And of course, there was some very tasty LoVe action, and a cliffhanger involving Kendall's suitcase. Damn, this show needs to be back next season. Are you listening CW?!?!?!?

Alright, to lessen the pain of waiting to hear whether this show gets picked up or not, check out these links below for some great interviews with show creator, Rob Thomas, and Veronica herself, Kristin Bell.

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