Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Catch-up with the Upfronts!

Alright, I admit, I've been painfully remiss on this whole blog experience for the past few days. But it's just because things have been crazy insane in the TV world people. Upfronts are this week, and there's a whole of TV lovin' (and hatin') going on lately. Upfronts, for those out of the loop, is when all the TV network execs in LA descend upon Madison Avenue's advertising execs to squeeze them for money. But really, for us normal folks, it's a chance to see what the TV landscape will look like next fall. First up this week was NBC (yesterday). The peacock announced several new shows (which they desperately need as the 4th ranked net). For a complete interactive list of shows and show descriptions, day by day, click here. The best show of the bunch (according to the gospel of ME!) is Heroes. I know someone who's read the script, and the word "genius" came out of his mouth. Not to mention, who can go wrong with Greg Grunberg and Milo Ventimiglia in the cast of ordinary people who discover they have super powers?
Today's upfront watercooler talk was courtesy of ABC. The fabulous alphabet is making a bold move by moving Grey's Anatomy to Thursday nights at 9 p.m. That's some stiff competition for CSI, NBC's new show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and possibly Fox's The. O.C. I for one, am sticking with Grey's wherever it goes. For more on ABC's lineup, click here. Up tomorrow is CBS, and Thursday offers us the much-anticipated lineup on the new CW. (Please, please, please let Veronica Mars and Everwood be on it!) More news as I hear it...

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