Monday, May 29, 2006


Goodbye, Love

How ironic was tonight's episode of Everwood? Everything that happens with Irv's death was just a parallel for the demise of the best family drama to ever grace the airwaves. As the denizens of Everwood mourn the loss Irv Harper, they reevaluate their relationships with each other flashback style (and I reevaluated my relationship with the new CW with flashbacks to the upfronts).
Harold reminisces about his first meeting with Irv, which included asking for Edna's hand in marriage. He ended his eulogy with, "He will be missed. May he rest in peace." Damn it...Irv and Everwood will be missed, Harold.
During a car ride to the wake, Nina gets nervous about leaving Everwood with Jake. Ephram takes this opportunity to tell Nina about the engagement ring that Dr. Brown bought for her. He flashes back to when Andy first shows him the ring, and tells him that he has no intention of giving it to Nina. Ephram asks what the point would be and Andy responds, "What would that be like? Writing a postcard every day and not sending it?" (Oh, sarcastic family, it's like we were separated at birth!)
Meanwhile, Bright's flashback shows what an important role Irv had on his recent life decisions. After a tough time with the sexual harrassment issue last year, he and Irv bonded over coffee and bathrobes. Irv kept him from joining the Army to be less than he could be and instead enroll in ECC and opened his eyes to possibilities with Hannah.
And in perhaps the most touching of the flashbacks, Amy remembers when she lived at Irv and Edna's in Season 2. She reminisces about a late night walk with Ephram when they discussed soulmates. Ephram gave an impassioned monologue about how Amy would find her soulmate and he would probably be someone who's probably standing right in front of her (wonder who that could be?).
The second to last episode of the season (and yes, I suppose series) ended with Edna seeing and saying goodbye to Irv with heavy sobs.
Edna: "We deserved more time."
Irv: "We had a lifetime."

The same could be said of Everwood. Unfortunately, it'll be a lifetime of memories.

And the promos make it clear: Everwood's SERIES finale airs next Monday, June 5th for 2 hours beginning at 8 p.m.

so sad!!! such a good episode...
I'll be crying on Monday...damn you CW!!!
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