Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Holy Grey's!

OK, so how fanfreakintastic was the Grey's finale last night. Aside from President Bush delaying my gratification, the show delivered. Whoever said second was the best was obviously speaking about Grey's Part 2. Between the Mer/Der drama, the Izzie/Denny lunacy and Burke possibly not getting to operate ever again, I almost didn't notice the B-plot prom. But, I did notice who the prom was thrown for-Veronica Mars' very own Jackie Cook!!! To you non-VM watchers, that would be Tessa Thompson. After last night's appearance by Tessa and Sunday night's appearances by Veronica Mars' Vinnie Van Lowe and Ms. Dent, I realized that the Grey's casting agents are in love with the VM cast (and so should everyone else!). Sorry, got sidetracked with that VM rant since there's only 2 days til the CW upfronts...back to Grey's.
OK, so the surgical interns banded together to keep Izzie from getting kicked out of the program after she cut Denny's LVAD wire. And then, despite it feeling like they were cheating to save someone's life, Denny got a new heart and asked Izzie to marry him, Unfortunately, there will be no trip to the alter since Denny DIED. What the heck!?! (And my cynical mind also says what a waste of that heart.)
Burke tries to lean on Christina emotionally, but she can't handle it. She chickens out of comforting him during his surgery, but it looks like he'll be shouting scalpel soon enough. And she does hold his hand at the end of the ep. Baby steps, Yang, baby steps.
Meredith and Derrick mourn the death of their dog, and use the prom to do what most horny teenagers do on prom night: give each other soulful glances and lose their underwear. After they do the deed, they go back to their respective dates (SheShepherd for Der and O'Dreamy for Mer). And for the final moments, we're left staring at an actual triangle as Derrick and Finn call out Meredith's name and our emotionally unstable "main character" stares into summer oblivion. Well folks, consider yourselves cliffhanged.

hey you forgot about the previous usage of teddy dunn aka duncan or as he's more affectionally known Donut.. shonda rhimes must really like all the vm cast and they just seem to scoop them up after they leave...
Sure, Duncan was the kid who cut off his hand or something after reading how to do it on the Internet. What a smart guy...

Also heard that Supernatural was referenced on the show since Denny is on both Grey's and SN. Gotta love the meta.
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