Monday, May 08, 2006


Only the Lonely...

...know why angst-driven teens cry. This week's episode of Everwood turned on the waterworks as many of our favorites sought to end their loneliness through any means possible.
For Reid, ending his downward spiral of depression and loneliness means trying to take his own life. He swallows a fistful of pills after getting expelled from the medical program at A&M. Ephram finds him before it's too late and rushes him to the hospital. But, despite saving Reid's life, Ephram blames himself for not seeing the signs of depression.
Bright continues mooning over his mistakes with Hannah and seeks to end his loneliness by buying back her love. He gets a necklace and offers it to Hannah with a weak plea to get back together. Hannah finally finds her backbone and makes me proud by telling Bright, "This is such bullcrap!"
But alas, Hannah's strength is just a shell hiding a lonely, angry girl. Rose helps her face some of her issues by offering her a punching pillow and a shoulder to cry on. And finally, Hannah has a heart-to-heart with the one person who's loved her since birth- her mom.
As for Nina, her loneliness has become a recurring issue with all of Jake's business trips. After a dinner at the Browns, Andy and Nina share an intimate moment during which Nina asks if it's possible to love two people at the same time. (Sure, if you're greedy, Nina.) When Jake returns early (because he missed Nina), she offers up a guilty smile and gives me hope that Jake will soon be out of the picture. Hah!

So, what do you guys think about next week? Think Hannah's new guy looks a little too much like Bright for her own good (did we learn nothing from Friends' Russ)? Is Bright gonna be OK after that accident? Will everyone finally stop being lonely?

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