Thursday, June 15, 2006


Britney...from Chaotic to Idiotic

Train wrecks, car crashes, they've got nothing on Britney Spears. Matt Lauer's Dateline interview with her proves what many of us have known for a while: pop's first teen princess is a walking timebomb. Aside from her unkempt appearance which included clumpy eyelashes, a trashy outfit and a disgusting gum-chewing habit, Mrs. K-Fed offered up some fabulous nuggets on being a wife, a mother and yes, even a human being.
Britney promises she's not making Kevin live in the basement (well, doghouses are usually not in the basement, Matt) and they have a very happy marriage with no end in sight. (I would make the comment about getting eyeglasses, but it's too cheesy, even for me.)
She also gets baited into talking about her son like he's an object. Matt asks her to describe Sean Preston because he "loves hearing mothers talk about their children". (That's creepy Matt. Do you also love hearing rapists talk about their victims?) Britney gives very generic answers, which makes me wonder if her manny would be better suited to talk about the baby.
And finally Britney breaks down and says she's hurt by all the meanness, and she knows she makes mistakes cuz, get this: she's human. Uh-huh, Brit. John Merrick couldn't have said it better.

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