Sunday, July 02, 2006


Because You Just Can't Make This Up...

The World Entertainment News Network reports:

Actor Hugh O'Brian, the 81-year-old star of 1950s TV series Wyatt Earp, married for the first time at a California cemetery over the weekend. O'Brian married his girlfriend of 18 years, teacher Virginia Barber, 54. The wedding, which was described as "a wedding to die for," was held at celebrity cemetery Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. The actor said, "This is my first, and most definitely, my last trip down the aisle." Some 300 guests witnessed the ceremony at the cemetery's Hall of Crucifixion-Resurrection, according to O'Brian's publicist, Monique Moss. The Rev. Robert Schuller, pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, officiated, and the couple was serenaded by close friend Debbie Reynolds.

Any word on whether or not the bride is expecting?

Geez, that would be horrendous, like the Tony Randall thing a few years ago.
At 54, I would hope the bride was in the throes of menopause. Plus I think the cemetary thing was meant to signify he's got "one foot in the grave".
Can you even imagine Debbie Reynolds singing her congrats at their wedding? Creepy.
Hugh O'Brian is one amazing man, and he got married for the first time ever! He is not of Irish origin, and he is of Prussian (German) origin! Otto Bismarck is rolling over his grave right now!
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