Friday, July 07, 2006


The Emmy Nominations: My Take

Let me break it down on a camel's back. Or you know, share my opinion about the Emmy nods. This year was meant to be a harbinger of change. A new voting system was implemented that would allow fringe actors/actresses like Lauren Graham to get nominated. Well, the rule change didn't help Lauren. But it did help the cast of 24. The FOX drama earned 12 nominations, including two for Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart in the supporting categories. That was a nice surprise, but the overwhelming feeling of deja vu in some of the categories proves that the new system needs some tweaking.

ABC Gets a Mixed Bag:
The alphabet net's usual Emmy suspects were MIA this year as LOST and Desperate Housewives were essentially shut out of the best series and acting races. (Only Alfre Woodard got recognized for Supporting Actress in a Comedy and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) for Guest Actor in a Drama.) This is a crying shame for LOST, and, no doubt, a wake-up call for DH after a dismal second season.
Stepping up the the plate for ABC was Grey's Anatomy. The show earned a nomination for best dramatic series and supporting actress nods for Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson. ABC's only hope in the lead acting categories is Geena Davis for Commander in Chief (what?!?!).

Getting Cancelled is a Good Thing:
It looks like a dead show is a sign of Emmys to come. The one obvious trend in this year's Emmy list is recognizing that which won't grace our TVs again (except in syndication). Multiple nods went out to Six Feet Under, Malcolm in the Middle, The West Wing (thank goodness this is it's final year!!!), and Will & Grace (ditto).

What Were They Thinking?:
The Emmy voters showed their age and their viewing habits (CBS, anyone?) with some very odd nominations. Two and a Half Men earned more nods than FOX's Arrested Development. That alone is a travesty. The CBS comedy got nods for best comedy series, best actor (Charlie Sheen) and best supporting actor (Jon Cryer). AD's sole acting nod came for Will Arnett's hilarious portrayal of Gob Bluth. Where is Jessica Walter's nod? Or Jason Bateman's? Or the whole damn AD cast?!?!?

This year's Emmy nominations weren't exactly same old, same old. (Otherwise we would have seen richly deserved nods for Edie Falco and James Gandolfini for The Sopranos.) But, aside from the occasional welcomed surprise (Chandra Wilson, Will Arnett), it looks like the Emmy nods are as relevant as the cancelled shows it chooses to honor.

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