Monday, July 17, 2006


What Came First?

In CBS' case, the egg came first in terms of advertising. In a press release distributed during Saturday's session of the TCA tour, the eye network says it will, "Hatch First of Its Kind 'Egg-vertising' Campaign for New Fall Shows." What does that mean exactly? Well, it could be that the next time you decide to make an omelet, you'll have to crack an egg that says "CBS Mondays: Funny Side Up" or "The Amazing Race: Scramble to Win on CBS." That's right. CBS has teamed up with a company called EggFusion that will print advertising slogans on 35 million eggs in September. All I can say is, what a yolk!

Oh my dear sweet Jesus, is this what its come down to?!? What's left? Ads on soap bars? Ads on toiler paper?
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