Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sign Over Your Paychecks

As if it isn't hard enough to scrape some money together for your favorite TV on DVD sets, the studios have decided to gouge our wallets completely with those Complete Series Collections. You know what I'm talking about! Those DVD sets that include extra bonus features that the individual season sets don't offer. The Alias Complete Series, which comes out November 21st, is offering a feature booklet and a bonus disc of goodies. Friends: The One with All Ten Seasons will include a 60-page commemorative book in addition to all the 236 episodes from 10 seasons. It is released on November 14th, less than a year after Warner Bros. released Season 10. The West Wing: The Complete Series, which comes out November 7th, will include the original pilot script and an introduction with Aaron Sorkin. So, what happens if you bought an individual set before the complete series was announced? Well, you have two options: be happy with what you got, or suck it up and fork over that hard-earned cash to those greedy studios...

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