Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Weeds: Is that Smoke or Fire?

The second season of Weeds premiered last night on Showtime, and Nancy, my favorite pot-dealing momma is right where we left her last season. After sleeping with Peter, she realizes he's really part of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). Um, woops. Nancy then stupidly tells Conrad about her mistake and he renegs on their new partnership. Puhlease, Conrad, anyone with half a brain knows you'll be back for more hurtin'. And if Nancy's bedroom follies aren't enough to get you hooked, this jam-packed episode also includes the love-sick puppy, Sanjay, burning down Nancy's bakery so she can collect the insurance money and a sideplot with Celia deciding to run against Doug for the city council seat. I personally can't wait to see the mud-slinging in local Agrestic politics. I have a feeling it'll be super ticky-tacky...

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