Thursday, March 20, 2008


FNL is Almost Saved!!!

The biggest news at last night's Friday Night Lights' panel at the Paley Festival wasn't Scott Porter's pelvic thrust (more on that later!), but rather that it looks like FNL is thisclose to coming back for a third season!

This is soooooo insanely fantastic. The panel included chat about the show's take on race relations, the lack of actual football this season and what a new season can mean for this year's seniors.
Let's tackle the last topic first. (Tackle, get it? Yeah, I know it was lame.) Showrunner Jason Katims says the show is known for being real and the seniors who would have graduated this year won't still be in school in the next season. But, he loves the core cast and hopes he can find a place for them. He also sees a lot more football in the future. As for the race problems for Gaius Charles' character, Smash, Katims promises there will be some form of closure.
OK, I teased it enough. If I had you at pelvic thrust, then you'll be happy to know that Scott Porter reenacted his dancing abilities from Music & Lyrics. Pop goes my heart!

To watch video on the Paley panel, click here

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