Friday, April 04, 2008


Doogie Love

So, I have been remiss with the How I Met Your Mother recap from this week's ep, The Bracket, but only because I just wanted to savor every delicious moment from the show. From the ode to March Madness with Barney's bracket of wronged ladies to the Doogie homage, I teared up from this show's brilliance. As much as Barney acts like a major slimeball with his horrible one-night stand stories, I just can't seem to hate this fellow blogger. In Monday's episode, we followed Barney as he tried to figure who the mystery girl messing up his game was. We revisited his past, from Meg, the apartment girl, to Anna, the tedmosbyisajerk girl. And, you gotta love the creative force behind this show! Be sure to check, and be prepared to be awed at its genius. And after all that, what did we learn about this mystery girl? She's blonde. That's pretty much all we got, but damn was it a fun ride.

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