Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Weeds Episode 3: The Whole Blah Damn Thing

The third episode of season 4 was all about pulling the plug. Guillermo temporarily shut down his operation to switch to a new location. Doug left his Agrestic life behind after the city council discovered his insurance scheme. And of course, the Botwins debated assisted suicide for Bubbi.

Speaking of Bubbi, when we saw her last, the Jewish granny was begging for someone to kill her. Andy, who is scared of her Darth Vader breathing (heh), spent the episode trying to convince the family that they had to help her die. The usually off-kilter Botwin turned philosophical about life while in the pot-growing van. He said, "Just when you think you've got the whole blah-damn thing figured out and you're surrounded by the ones you blah, death shows up and blah, blah, blah." Wow, it's the yada, yada for the new millenium. Andy and Silas convince Shane to talk to Lenny (Albert Brooks) about pulling the plug. While that plan backfires and Shane gets cold feet, it does produce a sweet bonding moment between grandfather and grandson.

But bonding certainly isn't on Celia's mind. Still stuck in prison, she agrees to do anything to get out. Including spying on Nancy for the DEA. And dying her hair back to its original color because the DEA captain prefers his snitches blonde. I see where that storyline's going, and all I can say is yuck. But anyway, Celia breaks into Dean's hotel room to find clues on Nancy's whereabouts. Aah, modern technology. Izzy's cell phone leads her directly to Bubbi's beach house in Ren Mar.

Meanwhile, Nancy is reliving her disastrous trip to Mexico, courtesy of the the Jesus bobblehead doll's video camera. Guillermo makes the obvious jokes about Nancy's pee-in-a-cup moment and tells her to give up the slutty dresses for J.Crew attire. She gets another shot at the drug running, and this time, makes sure to look like she just finished teeing off at the country club. But nothing ever goes really smoothly for this pot-selling housewife. She finds out she's gonna have to stash drugs and Guillermo's cousin for the ride. And just when she finally makes it over the border, she realizes Guillermo has closed up shop. She drives around aimlessly until she winds up back at home. And this is no happy homecoming.
Andy tells her that Lenny and he have decided that they're gonna help Bubbi die but Nancy has to actually do it. After all, "Bubbi did say bringing not-Francie into the family would kill her." (heh) And then she gets a phone call from Guillermo to meet her outside. They do their business quickly. At least quickly enough that Celia, who's watching them from a nearby car, doesn't have time to snap a picture with her $5 disposable camera.

And so, Nancy, unaware that the sh-t is about to hit the fan, heads back inside to eulogize Bubbi. Well, sort of, considering she doesn't even know her real name. Nancy switches off the circuit breakers throughout the house until she gets the one for Bubbi's ventilator. But Bubbi's will to live may have to started to kick in at some point because she keeps on breathing. At least until Nancy asks Shane to bring her a pillow. Oh Nancy, you're leaving traces of your crimes everywhere you go...

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