Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Weeds: No Man is Pudding

Well, well, well. So we start off where we ended the last episode. Celia on the ground, with a gun pointed at her head. Guillermo asks her why she's there, and of all people, Nancy comes to her defense, by lying and telling him Celia is her associate. And then she grabs Guillermo's gun and smacks Celia around until one of her teeth fall out. Celia is not having a good season. But at least she's still alive.

Nency then takes her out to find Andy at the border crossing. But alas, Andy isn't there. And again, Celia gets the brunt of Nancy's anger, courtesy of a drive with her head in the car window that I'm sure would make anyone else barf all over the Prius. When they get that settled, Nancy gets back to finding Andy...

And what's our favorite Botwin uncle been up to? Oh nothing much. Just latching on to a coyote while making the trip back to the US. And his fee for crossing the border? Not much, if you think about it. Just $6 and his Fall Guyz belt buckle. But he soon finds out the others don't have it so lucky. The coyote is breaking arms, stealing money and exacting sexual favors. Andy decides to fight back since he still has the gun Nancy gave him. He pops the coyote in the knee, gets back his $6 and delivers an amusing punchline that, unfortunately, no one hears, "Who's the fall guy now, coyote ugly?"

Back home at Botwin Central, Bubbi's death and Lenny's disappearance allow the family to be more open with the weed business. Silas starts drilling a hole in the wall, only to discover a bee hive. The bees are none to happy about this turn of events and Shane, Silas and poor allergic Doug end up with the brunt of the stings.

Well, at least Nancy didn't get stung. At least, not yet. She blackmails Captain Till into conveniently "forgetting" about her and Celia. As for where she stands with Guillermo, he incorrectly assumes that Celia is Nancy's crazy lesbian lover. And then gives her a new job: manager of a women's maternity store.

Considering customer service is hardly Nancy's strong suit, I don't see this working to her advantage. And certainly not if there's a excavation going on underneath the store that gives off a distinct feeling of hell. WTF, indeed. So, what do you think is going on underneath the maternity store? And what exactly has Nancy gotten herself into?

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