Friday, May 19, 2006


My Moment of VM Fame

OK, random thoughts about meeting all my peeps at the CW upfronts.
The Veronica Mars cast was rockin'. First up was Enrico Colantoni, to whom I said that I was so nervous about whether VM would get renewed and that I was ecstatic when it did. Well, I must have looked seriously emotional about it, because Daddy Mars then proceeded to give me a HUG!!! I think I just about died from happiness right there. Well, in addition to the hug (what a fatherly move!) I got a quick pic with my favorite ex-sheriff.

Next up was Jason Dohring, who I actually had an actual conversation with, albeit a short one. Jason talked about possibly doing Broadway (!) and that Charisma Carpenter would definitely be back next season, if only to tie up the mystery of what's in the briefcase. And (as mentioned before) he thinks he might know what's in it!

Finally, I met Kristin Bell, who was sweet and very pretty. I wish I could have said more than "congratulations on the pick-up" but she looked rushed. It appears she had to go inside for something called an upfront presentation? But, I was lucky enough to get this snapshot. Now my BFF fantasy is complete...

Also, stay tuned for Part 2 of my CW upfronts ruminations. I'll have pics and info with some of the Gilmore Girls cast.

I saw your post over on E. That's a nice picture. Enrico is cute.

I think I'd enjoy meeting this cast. They seem like such down to earth people.
Hey, that black box thingy happened again in the Jason picture! And why didn't you jump into Ms. Bell's picture? That was awesome, that you got to meet them.
Great pics! They're all adorable.
Wow, JD talked about doing Broadway? As in he wants to do it at some point, or as in he actually might be doing it this summer? Just curious if I have to plan my vacation accordingly. ;)
It was definitely a pleasure to meet the VM cast. They were super nice.
And to answer the Broadway question, I think Jason was speaking about being open to opportunities if they arise. I don't think there're any set plans, but the moment there are, I will be getting in line for tickets myself!
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