Monday, June 05, 2006


Foreverwood Part 1

Note to self: Breathe, breathe, breathe...I can make it through this recap. I can do it. I can do it.

OK, so Part 1 of this 2-hour series finale opens on Delia talking about her bat mitzvah in the kitchen with Andy, Ephram and Ephram's girlfriend, Stephanie. Delia is excited and invites Stephanie to the party since there are now three empty seats, courtesy of Nina, Jake and Sam leaving town. Ouch, sore subject there Deels. Andy leaves the house to fight with the trash cans outside. Ephram goes out to comfort him.
Now, we head over to Nina's kitchen, where she's just about finished packing up her boxes. Hannah comes down and marvels at the progress and informs Nina that she always thought her guardian had a thing for Andy. Heh. Nina acts surprised but then cops to her feelings and mentions that Andy bought a wedding ring for her, but doesn't plan to propose. Hannah, in a very un-Hannah-like moment, suggest they see what the ring actually looks like. The two break into the Brown's house and grab the ring, but not before they're almost caught. Hannah runs interference as Nina sneaks out of the house. But alas, Hannah's not the smartest tool in the shed, and ends up hanging on to ring instead of putting it back in its rightful place on Andy's dresser.
(OK, can I say how disgustingly cruel it is to see CW commercials during Everwood. How about kicking us while we're down, huh?)
In the meantime, Andy searches for the ring to no avail. Did you check in Hannah's bra, Andy? Cuz I think you'd be rewarded for your perverseness. Well, Hannah apparently thought putting the ring in her room was safer than keeping it on her body. Silly Hannah, don't you know Jake is around? Jakers finds it while searching through the house for unpacked stuff, and thinks Bright has proposed to Hannah. Oops. Well, Nina sets him straight and Jake goes over to Andy's to confront him. Good luck, Jakers. Andy's beard could take you! Andy stands up for himself and tells Jake that he never meant to give that ring to Nina. But, he cuts Jakey-boy to the core by saying, "I think Nina made a mistake and I think that I love her more than you ever will." Oh, snap.
Meanwhile, at the Abbott house, Bright finds a baby on the doorstep. It's mama is Dr. Abbott's patient who lost her husband, and is slowly losing her mind. Um, oo-kay. Could this baby be a replacement for the African baby the Abbott's couldn't adopt before?
Well, nothing like a little baby mama drama to get us in the mood for a Bat Mitzvah. Everyone heads out to the big event, and we see a montage scene of Delia's ceremony spliced with Nina leaving Everwood for the airport.
But, alas Nina's departure has been overhyped. Jakers grows some and tells her that if she has any doubts about their relationship, she can't come with him. Well, of course, Nina does, so Jake finally does what he should have done months ago (but why quibble) and let's her go. Hey, you know what I say: "If you love someone, let her go...and return to Andy Brown." It's a saying, look it up.
During the bat mitzvah, Amy sees Ephram with Stephanie and tries to deny her feelings of jealousy by turning to the bottle. So, now we've got a drunk Amy, on kosher wine no less (heh). Well, lightweight, err, sorry, Amy, flirts with Ephram and asks him to dance to the fun, upbeat song that's playing. But by the time they get to dance floor, it's a slow song. Wow, talk about timing! Ephram says, "Still wanna?" referring to the change in music. Oh Ephram, you cutie, you, of course she does. That's why she slipped the DJ a $20 before. J/K. They dance, and we root for a happy ending.
After the bat mitzvah, Amy and Hannah go for a vomit-free walk and Amy becomes Captain Obvious and says what we've known forever: she still loves Ephram. Andy returns home after the bat mitzvah and finds something not so obvious in his kitchen: Nina!!!!

Get ready for Foreverwood Part 2...

he he he... great report!!

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