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Foreverwood Part 2

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We begin the ep with Nina in Andy's kitchen. She tells him she's not going to LA and that she and Jake are over. Andy comforts her. I wonder if he has ulterior motives?
In Ephram's apartment, Stephanie walks out of his bedroom in his sweatshirt and kisses him before she leaves for her morning classes. Bright offers Ephram his congratulations on getting some, but Ephram tells him that Stephanie may have slept over, but she didn't "sleep over". He then proceeds to talk about Amy. Heh. Bright offers up his usual brilliant advice and tries to convince Ephram to stop mooning over Amy because she blew him off before.
In a parallel scene, Hannah offers Amy the opposite advice, convincing her to tell Ephram she's still in love with him. Amy asks how, and Hannah says, um, by telling him. Heh.
Meanwhile, Dr. Abbott is growing more and more attached to his doorstep baby, Lilly. Edna warns him that he could still lose her if the mother comes back. Reality, it's a bitch. Edna then drops another happy note: she's leaving Everwood. She tells Harold she's going to work as a nurse in Africa with her favorite child, Linda. Uh, bad news Edna, Linda is living on Wisteria Lane under the alias, Bree.
Harold calls Linda to ask her to keep his mama in Everwood, but she tells him she has no idea about Edna coming to stay with her. Edna a liar, who'd a thunk it?
In a new development, we learn that while Hannah wasn't offering up love advice to Amy, she studied. Enough to get into Notre Dame on full scholarship! She tells Bright the "good" news, and he doesn't take it too well when she says she probably won't come back to Everwood if she goes the way of the Fighting Irish.
Amy is oblivious to Hannah's college dilemma and decides to come clean about being in love with Ephram to...Stephanie. You heard me right, Stephanie. I guess, for Amy, it's a step in the right direction? Well, a hilariously self-confident Stephanie isn't worried about what Amy feels cuz she's secure in her relationship with Ephram. (Well, I guess that means she's a goner.) Instead, it's Amy who ends up feeling even more insecure. (Is she sure she isn't Jewish?)
While we ponder that, Dr. Brown drives Delia through some open land to give her a gift. Delia says, "Are you leaving me in the woods?" Heh. No Deels, me thinks you will be getting that pony your dad promised you in the pilot! We come up on Temple Ranch & Stables...yes, yes, Ms. Cleo and I are best friends. Delia gets a horse name Sugar. Yeah!!! Can I get a ride?
Amy sees Ephram & Stephanie at the movie theater and acts weird. Ephram jokes about Will Ferrell, Stephanie talks about Ephram's clothes and Amy acts weirder. I felt her awkwardness...and actually felt sorry for her.
Now we return to Andy. He briefs Dr. Abbott on some of his cases because he's leaving town to visit New York. But, Harold tells him he should stay and win over Nina. He says the one obstacle in his way, whom he refers to as Dr. Boobjob!, is out of the way. Heh. But it seems Andy has something more important to do.
And so does Hannah. She created pros and cons lists to decide what college to go to with Bright's help. But, I exaggerate when I say help.
Oh yeah, remember Andy? I do. We see him visiting Julia's grave to sort of ask her permission to marry Nina. He talks about how he's changed, and how he's sorry he couldn't be a good husband to Julia, but that he can be one to Nina. He says, "Thank you for loving me in your life, and even more in your death." Oh, god, SOB.
In between medical cases, Harold finds his mother and calls her out for lying to him. She gets angry at him for checking up on her. She tells him she didn't want a pity party but she's still upset over Irv's death. That's why she intends to leave Everwood.
Amy tells her mom that she missed her chance with Ephram and now there's Stephram. Heh. She tries to figure out how to tell Ephram she still loves him when he's done so much for her (remember Colin, anyone?)
Next we open on a meadow (is it me or are we seeing more of Utah in this episode than all four years combined?) where Hannah and Bright go for a scenic walk. He tells her that he loves her, but that she needs to go to Notre Dame. Oh, how honorable.They decide to be "best friends for life". Hannah cries cuz boy BFFs are lame.
OK, these CW commercials are killing me. So cruel...
Amy recalls all her moments with Ephram while I tear up mercilously. Oh, the moment they tell each other they love each other. When he gives her the circle necklace. The chat on the ferris wheel. So beautiful, so sad. Whoa. She breaks her reverie and ruins mine when she figures out what she has to do to get Ephram back.
Harold and Rose invite Edna to their house. They make her come upstairs and show her the room they've created for her. They ask her to stay and in classic Edna style, she says she could do worse. Yeah, Edna, I'd say you could. Have you see the columns on the Abbott house?
In Andy world, he prepares to ask Nina to marry him. He's nervous but he gives Ephram advice about being happy, regardless of who he's with. Damn, Treat Williams, you are good. I'm gonna miss these father-son-viewer moments. Well, after a short detour to the closet, Andy finds Nina and proposes to her where they first met and she says...yes.
Later in the day, Ephram leaves his apartment to meet Stephanie but when he gets outside, he's stopped in his tracks by a ferris wheel...well, the ferris wheel and Amy. She says to him, "Four years ago, you came to my little town and your changed my life." Oh darling, he changed all our lives. After two hours of Foreverwood, Amy finally professes her love, Ephram shuts her up with a kiss and tells her she's his "one". And all is right in Everwood again. Unfortunately for those of us in the real world, this moment marks the end of the best family drama on TV, so all is not right with us. Damn you, CW.

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